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Marshalling News Archive

7 January 2004:  Rallye Sunseeker goes Radical!
Radical Radios will be giving all marshals personal radios on the Rally Sunseeker 2004.

6 January 2004:  2003 RallyMarshal Championship Winners
Bob Wright is thewinner of the 2003 RallyMarshal Championship and wins the "Most Committed Marshal" award. He was closely followed by Pete Henness with Andy Cooper in third position.

5 January 2004:  Halewood / Coronation Rallies Cancelled
Due to circumstances beyond our control, Welsh Counties Car Club have had to cancel the above Rally. Many thanks to all those who have helped us with the running of the event and to those who have taken part.

26 November 2003:  Marshals required for Ford Rally Academy at Mallory Park on 30th November
On the 29th and 30th of November Drive and Survive will be organising a rally day at Mallory Park for the participants of the Ford Rally Academy and need help in marshalling the event

24 November 2003:  DRT Charity Stages moves to Cadwell Park and requires marshals for 30th November 2003.
The DRT Charity Stages has moved from its Binbrook venue to Cadwell Park following the loss of Binbrook as a rally venue. The event still requires marshals to run successully and safely.

17 November 2003:  Marshals Wanted for the MEM RollTek Forest Rally on 14th December 2003
Anyone interested in marshalling on the MEM RollTek Forest Rally on 14th December 2003 which uses Pickering Showground, Cropton and Gale Rigg Forests?

17 November 2003:  RallyMarshal News Service Back Up and Running
The RallyMarshal.co.uk News Service is now back up and running and will be publishing all your marshalling news. Sorry about the enforced layoff but time has been at a premium.

14 May 2003:  Marshals required for the Enville Stages 31st May 1st June 2003
Warrington & District Motor Club require marshals for the First Install Enville Stages 31st May 1st June 2003 for 1 or both days at Anglesey Race Circuit.

10 May 2003:  Marshals required for the Rally of the Midlands
Marshals are required to help the Rally of the Midlands run safely on May 17th and 18th.

8 May 2003:  Marshals and Radios required for the Red Dragon
Marshals and Radio Crews are urgently required for the Red Dragon on 24th May 2003. This BTRDA round always proves popular and needs more people to help cover the event.
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