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One Nighters Marshals 7 stars
The official home of the One Nighters Rally Marshals Club. Site has lots of info about the group including events calendars, photo albums etc.
World Motorsport Index 7 stars
A huge index of motorsport links from across the globe, covering virtually every aspect of motorsport you could want. With the forums added on as well, this is well worth a visit
RallySearch.com 6 stars
RallySearch is a free service for people to advertise their rally items for same or wanted. Plenty of entries in the database and updated daily, but design (bright green on black) is garish and layout needs a little work.
WRC Models 5 stars
A site selling models of the WRC cars in various sizes.. The site isnt a professional design by any standard but there are listings of the cars, a customisation system and a competition running monthly
SJW Motorsport   stars
SJW Motorsport details Simon Williams of Craven MCs marshalling trials and tribulations