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Marshals registration

Marshals registration and grading
In 2002, the MSA launched the Marshals registration scheme (commonly called the NMR or National Marshals Register). This is a scheme whereby marshals can apply to given a grade to recognise their experience in marshalling.

Introduction to the NMR

The scheme has 3 grading levels; grade 3 - the entry level marshal grade, grade 2 - more experienced marshal and grade 1 - specialist marshal. The criteria for gaining each grade are shown below:

Grade 3 - Marshals must have marshalled satisfactorily on 3 events and be nominated to the NMR by an MSA recognised club.
Grade 2 - Marshals must have marshalled satisfactorily on a further 3 events (6 in total) and have attended an NMR training evening.
Grade 1 - Marshals must be registered as a grade 2 and attend a more formal modular training scheme.

Becoming Registered on the NMR

Becoming registered on the NMR is quite straightforward providing you meet the above criteria. Anyone wishing to enter the NMR as grade 3 can simply download the rally marshals registration form from the MSA website (needs Adobe Acrobat Reader) and get their clubs chief marshal to nominate them to the NMR by endorsing the form and sending it back to the address shown.

Anyone wishing to enter the scheme at grade 2 directly at the moment can do so providing they have attended the training evening for the NMR and had their form stamped, and they have marshalled on 6 events. They should get their clubs chief marshal to endorse their form and return it to the MSA. Shortly these grandfather rights will be withdrawn and every marshal will start at a grade 3 and have to work through the grades.