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Why should I marshal?
Marshalling is a rewarding experience as you often get the chance to get to places that spectators cannot go (ie military bases) or to remote parts of forestry that people would need a long hike to get to. It makes you feel more involved in the event that if youre a spectator and you can give something back to the sport in terms of your resource.

Marshals are required in sufficient numbers to keep stages running safely – a minimum of 2 marshals per post are needed plus radio crews at set locations plus the start and finish crews and spectator areas soak up manpower as well. There seems to be a general decline in the numbers of marshals on events leading to events running with less than the optimum numbers of marshals – possibly compromising safety.

I would encourage every competitor to marshal on 2 events minimum per year to give something back to the sport. Otherwise the dwindling pool we now have will compromise safety. Competitors entrust their safety to marshals on stages. How would you feel if you went off and there weren’t enough marshals on that stage meaning no-one was there to help?