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Recovery & Rescue

Association of Recovery Motorsport Operators www.amro.org.uk
Basing Rescue www.duckmanton.com/basingrescue.html
Chris Harding on (0118) 981 1795 or 07785 290193 harding.chris@btopenworld.com
Calder Rescue www.calderrescue.co.uk
Contact: Richard Ashton on (01422) 327411 richard@calderrescue.co.uk
Galway Bay Rally Rescue Unit www.cao.ie/rescue
Contact: Ivor Gleeson ivor@cao.ie
Goodwood Rescue www.goodwoodrescue.co.uk
Contact: Brian Janman marshal@goodwood.co.uk
Guardian Rescue
Roger Quinton on (023) 8032 9006 rogerguardian@supanet.com
Hawk Recovery
Eric Little on 0023 9264 4848 eric.little@hawkrecovery.fsnet.co.uk
Hawk Response www.hawksafetyservices.com
Eric Little on 02392 644848 or 07050 248889 eric@hawksafetyservices.com
Koala Recovery
Lace Rescue www.lace-rescue.com
Contact: Chris Middleton on (01536) 710482 Chris@lace-rescue.fsnet.co.uk
Mercia Rescue
Contact: J.S.M.Whitaker on (01527) 541285 or 07798 702428 Mercia@JSMW.org.uk
Peak Recovery www.peak-recovery.fsnet.co.uk/
Pennine Rescue www.pennine-rescue.co.uk
Contact: David Tattersfield on (01924) 507826 david.tattersfield@ntlworld.com
Rally Recovery www.nimotorsport.34sp.com/ ~rallyrecovery/
Contact: rallyrecovery@ rallyrecovery.f9.co.uk
Redline Rescue / Response www.redline-rescue.co.uk
Register Rally Recovery www.register-recovery.com/
Clive Johnson: clive@register-recovery.com
Rugby Rally Recovery
John Blackwell on 01788 339500 or 07831 706515 john-blackwell@supanet.co.uk
Serpent Rescue www.serpent-rescue.com
Contact: Neil Tamsit Serpentmedical@aol.com
Serpent Response www.rallyresponse.com
Karl Touhey
Stoke Rescue www.ero-rallying.co.uk/ stoke_rescue.htm
Nigel or George Bailey on (01270) 873696 nigel@stoke-rescue.org.uk
Tunnel Rally Recovery
Pete Cross on 07940 446733 Trec@neil-cross.demon.co.uk
Viper Recovery www.viperrecovery.co.uk
Contact: Mick Shepard on 07976 298228 viper@viperrecovery.co.uk