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2005 RallyMarshal Championship Regulations


Registration is free. All marshals must register for the RallyMarshal championship by completing the registration form. Once registered you will be issued with a championship registration number and further details of claiming your points.


Points can only be claimed if you have registered for the championship. All points must be claimed within 28 days of the event date using the claim form and the point claiming system will only display eligible events. Points can be claimed from ANY stage rally or from any road rally or Enduro Rally. Points can be claimed for any events taking place between January 1st 2005 until November 30th 2005 but all points must be claimed by December 5th 2005. The winner will be declared before the end of December 2005.

Point Scoring:

The 2005 championship is being split into 3 classes. Class 1 is for marshals and radio crews. Class 2 if for rescue or recovery crews and Class 3 is for senior officials and event organisers. The points claiming system will automatically allocate the points to the correct class depending on the role claimed for that particular event.

10 points for marshalling or radio car duties (in Class 1)
10 points for rescue or recovery duties (in Class 2)
10 points for course car or non-named event official (in Class 3)
20 points for deputy stage commander / stage safety officer / deputy chief marshal / deputy CoC (in Class 3).
30 points for stage commander / event safety officer / chief marshal / radio controller / CoC (in Class 3).

Points will be awarded on a daily basis no matter how many stages are marshalled for that day and each additional day on multi day events will be awarded in the same way. Set-up or recce days cannot be claimed for.

The 2005 championship will however award Senior Officials (Class 3) points on a multiplier basis for BRC and WRC rounds to account for the fact that recce days and extra setup / committment is required on these types of events. The system will automatically give 2 x points to BRC rounds and 3 x points to WRC rounds for deputy stage commander and stage commander levels. (ie a SC at BRC level will get 60 points per stage). Other events may be added to the mutiplier system if deemed necessary.

Bonus points within the marshals class of the championship will be awarded to those people registered on the MSA Marshals Registration scheme on the following basis:

Grade 3 Marshal: 10 points
Grade 2 Marshal: 20 points
Grade 1 Marshal: 30 points

You must supply your marshals registration number and grade to be eligible for the bonus points within the system. Attendance at training days can also be claimed for as a bonus and count towards class 1 points.

End of Year Prizes:

The championship is currently seeking a sponsor but a deal has not yet been finalised. Details of end of year prizes will be announced later in the year.

Changes to rules and regulations may be made to the championship as it progresses if deemed necessary by the organisers.