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Event Calendar

April Events
2 Apr Charterhall Stages
Multi-Use (Asphalt), Charterhall? Organised by Border Ecosse CC
2 Apr North Humberside Forest Rally
Multi-Venue (Gravel), North Yorkshire/Hull Organised by North Humberside MC
2 Apr Horiba DIsis Stages
Multi-Use (Asphalt), MIRA Organised by Quinton MC
2 Apr Marshals Training (Rhyl)
Training ( ), Rhyl Community College Organised by the BRMC
3 Apr Oak Leaf Stages
Multi-Use (Mixed), Wilbarston Organised by Ecurie Royal Oak (ERO)
3 Apr SMC Alsecure Stages
Multi-Use (Asphalt), Weeton Army Camp Organised by Stockport MC
3 Apr Mini Tempest Stages
Multi-Use (Asphalt), Longcross Organised by Sutton & Cheam MC
9 Apr BRC Live
Sprint (Mixed), Nuneaton Organised by BRCL
9 Apr Astra Stages
Multi-Venue (Gravel), Llangollen Organised by Vauxhall MG
9 Apr - 10 Apr Tour of Cornwall
  (Asphalt), Newquay Organised by The Association of Cornish Motor Clubs
9 Apr - 10 Apr VK Derbyshire Road Rally
Road (Asphalt), Derbyshire Organised by Matlock MC
10 Apr Spring Stages
Multi-Use (Asphalt), Sculthorpe Organised by Sporting Car Club of Norfolk
16 Apr Phoenix Stages
Multi-Use (Mixed), Fulbeck Organised by Eastwood DMC
16 Apr MultiWage Granite City Rally
Multi-Venue (Gravel), Aberdeen  
17 Apr Jubilee Historic Rally
  ( ),   Ilkley and District MC
23 Apr - 24 Apr Rally of Wales
Multi-Venue (Gravel), Wrexham Organised by Carnarvonshire and Anglesea MC
23 Apr Somerset Stages
Multi-Venue (Gravel), Somerset/Minehead Organised by Burnham on Sea MC
30 Apr Matador Tyres Welsh International Rally
Multi-Venue (Mixed), Epynt Area Organised by SWAC with Epynt MC and Foresters CC
30 Apr Night Owl
Road (Asphalt), Organised by Aberystwyth MC
1 May Bloodhound Stages
Multi-Use (Mixed), Swinderby Organised by Lincoln MC & CC / Grimsby